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S=Shayne Ward (英国超男:肖恩沃德) Z=MTV全球音乐频道中国频道VJ:朱珠

S: Hello everybody, hello!


Z: We’ve got some questions for you here. You were discovered in this reality show called X Factor, it’s just like Super Girl in China.

The first question is: do you still remember what was it like to win the contest, what did you feel at the moment?

我们这里有一些问题要问你。你是在参加X FACTOR这个真人秀节目时被发现的,就象是中国的超级女声。


S:To be in a massive competition like the X Factor, right at the moment the whole world were kind of watching you and you have your life taking away from you. Your career is in the palm of their hands basically. So became the winner of the X Factor was the one of the most memorable moment to me, it’s just a great moment.

参加象X FACTOR这样重大的一个比赛,在那个时刻好象整个世界都在看着你,你的生活也被别人拿走了,你的事业掌握在他们的手掌里。 所以成为X FACTOR的冠军是我最难忘的一刻,感觉棒极了。

Z: Do you think that X Factor has changed your life?

你觉得X FACTOR改变了你的生活吗?

S: It has, I mean that moment was a fantastic time, I mean to sing for living is amazing. I wouldn’t change it for the world.


Z: what do you like about the change and what do you dislike about the change?


S: I think dislike is basically you can’t do a lot of things you could do before. Basically you’re kind of losing your normality to be able to kind of walk down the street and have anybody, I mean you see people you’ve know and you would be able to go to the shop and back. Now it’s kind of you can’t. Something you cannot give a lot like things you can do before. Then again I mean I love what I do, so there is nothing to complain.

不喜欢这个改变主要是因为很多你以前可以做的事情现在都不能做了。你在失去那种普通的生活状态,象原来你可以和任何你认识的人一起去逛街然后回家,但是现在你就不能这样了。 但是我喜欢我现在做的事情,所以也没什么可抱怨的。

Z: We know before the X Factor you were a singer too, you sing with your band, so what you enjoy the most about singing?

我们知道在参加X FACTOR之前你就在自己的乐队里唱歌,那么你在唱歌时最享受的是什么?

S: I think it’s the interaction with the crowds. It’s amazing to see the smiles on the fans’ faces that are fantastic because when I sing my song and they sing it back to me. There is no great feeling than that.


Z: I’m sure when you become more and more famous, there are a lot of media or a lot of people judge your singing, your music. So how much you care about the comments from others?

随着你的名声越来越大, 一定会有很多人或者媒体来评论你的音乐,你会有多在乎这些评论?

S: That’s the part of the industry, you need to be prepared to get comments from media and everything because obviously your next album comes out they’ll judge on is this album as good as the last, is this voice as good as he was. So you need to be prepared for the negatives and just look at the positives and just move on. I mean I’m enjoying myself so doesn’t mean nothing to me.


Z: Who are your favorite musicians, who inspirit you the most in music?


S: I don’t actually have any favorite musicians, I mean Elton John, George Michael, I mean people like that. Because of the Longevity they had and they are still on the top of the game now. It’s amazing so I think those two kind of people are kind of envy.


Z: Have you had chance to work with them yet?


S: I haven’t but fingers crossed, it will be an amazing experience if I get to sing or duet with one of them.


Z: Can you see yourself become a super star in the near future?


S: eh… can I see myself being a super star? I mean it just depends on the fans. I mean do they want me to have a long career. Because it’s down to them, if they enjoy my voice, enjoy who I am, then hopefully I will. I mean you can never look too far ahead. I mean I’m enjoying myself as much as anyone else would do in this industry but I take each day it comes.

我想这要取决于我的歌迷,看他们是不是想我能一直唱下去。如果他们喜欢我的声音, 喜欢我,那么也许我会。我是说你永远不能预料和期待太久以后的事情。我和其他在这个行业里的人一样非常快乐的做着我现在做的事情,迎接每个新的一天。

Z: what is your favorite place to date a girl?


S: Ha… my favorite place to date a girl. Gosh, do I have to choose a place?


Z: I mean what is your favorite place to meet a girl? Somebody would say airport, somebody would say……


S: I think it depends, anywhere, I mean I think a night out will be great, I mean to see a girl to enjoy themselves and have much interest as you, I think the night out will be great.


Z: a night out, ok, cool!

Z: Do you have a picture of the happiest life in your mind?


S: Always in my mind what makes me most happier is my family, I just picture my family whatever I kind of feel down or kind of lonely. It’s just a vision of them like that’s why I’m doing this so it kind of lifts me back up again.


Z: If you weren’t a singer, what would you do?


S: I guess I just work as long as I bring money home and I’m paid and as long as I have money for rent, I’ll be working any job but I think if there is another career, it would be footballer. I love football I mean if I wasn’t a singer I would like to be a footballer.


Oh really? Are you a good footballer?


Yeah, I’m a good footballer.


So who is your favorite football player?


Football player? God, there are so many, my favorite team is Man Udt for sure obviously but I think favorite kind of player ranges from paul scohses to Ryan Giggs.

我喜欢的足球运动员太多了。很显然我最喜欢的足球队是曼联队,我喜欢的足球运动员有Paul Scholes, Ryan Giggs 等等。

What is the scariest thing for you?


I mean I’ve always got to be prepared of what can happen because in this industry things change like that () so I need to be prepared for what could happen? The scariest thing for me would be not doing this, because I want to be doing this for the rest of my life, I mean I enjoy this that’s why I’m here, I’m here to enjoy myself, to see the fans that’s why I’m doing this.


You know the show like X Factor in China is called super girl so that people say these girls have super powers, if you have to choose one of the super powers, what would you like to have?

中国有一个很象X Factor的节目叫超级女声,人们说那些女孩子们都有超能力。如果让你选择拥有一种超能力,你会选择什么?

Any super power? Any super power? Eh I want to be invisible, I won’t tell you why.


What do you think is the most important personalities for person?


Someone who is honest from get go. I love to find someone who I meet who is honest from get go, because then you can built a great friendship with them.


As we know that your album has been a hit in china since it was released on September, do you want to say something to your Chinese fans?


Yeah, I mean just thank you so much, you support so far has been amazing, this is my first time here and hope it’s not gonna be my last time because again because you guys that’s why I’m here, just thank you so much for buying my album. I’m looking forward to coming back with a concert.


Since you are in china, have you heard of any Chinese music?


The good thing is I mean whenever I traveled on the plane and where ever the countries is going to be I like to listen as much as that kind of music so I know what I’m letting myself in for. What kind of music you guys listen to.


I mean name an artist, I wouldn’t know artist I mean I’ve seen a lot of things when I get chance to watch TV. I do like to watch obviously MTV and try to see as much artist out of here as possible.


What do you think about Chinese music? I mean what do you think about Chinese pop music?


I will be very honest. I’ve heard some great singers, I mean I remember watch, it was actually yesterday I think it was and it’s just some singer and I was thinking, God what a great voice that she has. It’s just amazing because people think that in the different country that music is not going to be great, no one is going to enjoy. But my God she got great voice.


Will you be considering collaborate with some Chinese singers in the future?


Yeah, definitely. I mean it’s always great to got to somebody’s country and duet with the local singers because I mean just appreciate what they do


What you like about china?


No, it’s not a common question, I mean even I’ve been asked. I love china, I mean from a kid I was always looked of the whole thing about China, I always wanted to come. So when I was actually told I would be come to here and actually sing as well, I don’t know maybe just meet fans because of the album released here. I was very excited so it’s very good to be here.


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